I don’t have the money to pay for REACH, but I want to go. What should I do?

March 21, 2018 / reachmgkm /

Awesome! We’re so happy that you’re planning to be a part of REACH this year!

Even though REACH is a local missions trip based out of Pasadena, MD, it is STILL a missions trip! We encourage you to ask your friends, family, and church community to help sponsor you with their financial support. Many people are unable to attend missions trips either locally or internationally, and one of the main means of supporting missions outside of participation is with financial support!

You can use our missions financial support letter to give your friends a little more info about REACH.

Alternatively, you can consider doing a fundraiser or setting aside money that you would otherwise use for non-essential purchases such as coffee, fast-food, movies, etc.

Lastly, if you desire to come to REACH and are unable to raise funds on your own, please contact us for further financial support options.

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