out of the church. into the street. making the gospel known.

REACH 2024: July 10th – July 14th

Back of REACH shirt: Out of the church. Into the street. Making the gospel known.

REACH, sponsored by Making the Gospel Known Ministries, is a five day local mission trip for young people who are serious about their faith, ages 15 and older. During the event, missionaries will be equipped to share their faith and have ample opportunity to put into practice what they have learned. Teams of missionaries will be deployed to Lexington Market, the Inner Harbor, the Annapolis Docks, and Washington D.C. to share the gospel with a lost and dying world. These young missionaries will also be pressed in their personal pursuit of God. Quiet times, prayer, Scripture reading and memory will all be a part of the daily schedule. Mixed in with all of the above is much fun! (volleyball, swimming, team games, hikes…) We honestly think there couldn’t be a better way to spend five days this summer!

Making the Gospel Known Ministries sponsors us!

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