We hope that you will be encouraged by these testimonies from our past REACH missionaries!

“REACH opened my eyes to how essential it is to tell others about the Gospel. Witnessing also became more personal; more of an outflow of my love for God and others. REACH not only instructed me on witnessing and its importance but it gave me a new and much better motivation for witnessing to the lost.” —15 year old

“REACH changed my life, and by the grace of God my life will never be the same!” — 23 year old

“I have benefitted so much from this missions trip! I have grown tremendously in my faith. I have greatly enjoyed the fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The music was also greatly encouraging! This trip has built up my courage to share the Gospel so I can keep on reaching!” — 18 year old

“I have grown so much from REACH. There are two things I’ve learned that were especially meaningful:

  1. Becoming a better master of my fear.
  2. Knowing a deeper understanding of the Gospel

REACH has equipped me with the tools to effectively evangelize which greatly decreased the fear I had of street evangelism.” — 16 year old

“The idea or concept of “evangelism” has for me carried with it a feeling of guilt or regret. Thoughts like “I should have witnessed to that person.” “I missed another opportunity.” “God is disappointed in me.” have often prevented me from experiencing an incredible joy I’ve discovered this week at REACH. God has completely transformed my mind-set this week. The passion that exudes from the Peeler family is not just hype but deep-rooted joy, supported by a backbone of live and walking examples of the message they speak.” — 22 year old